Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bruchko - Bruce E. Olson

Bruchko is a true missionary story about a nineteen year old boy named Bruce Olson who feels a call to be a missionary in South America. He doesn’t know who he wants to preach to, he just wants to go. Since he has a medical degree, he thinks that he will be accepted by the Indians because he can give them medicine. The mission board denies him, telling him that he is too young to go. He decides to go by himself without a mission board and no help from the outside world. While he is trying to decide who he is going to preach to, he hears about the Motilone Indians. He feels that these are the people to whom God sent him to preach. Some other missionaries hear about his choice and warn him that the Indians have killed anybody that came in there.  Determined, he ignores them and sets off to find what he can do to help. On his path to showing the Indians the Gospel, he faces dangers, near death, savage Indians, and learns about sharing God’s truth with a different people.

This was a very good book. It is easy to read, has plenty of exciting moments, and is good for just about any kind of reader. This is worth reading for anyone struggling in their faith.

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