Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peter and the Sword of Mercy - Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Surprise! The Starcatchers are back! This series was going to be a trilogy, but the fans didn’t want to see it go away! Twenty-three years after Rundoon, the Starcatchers have all but vanished. There haven’t been any starstuff falls in years, but James goes to Molly’s house with disturbing news. Ombra’s back! James has been working at Scotland Yard, and while at the castle of England, he saw a man named von Schatten, and he felt that same evil presence as Ombra! Molly refuses to do anything right now, as her attention is on the Underground, where people have mysteriously vanished. Days later, she learns that James has vanished as well! Realizing that this is Ombra’s work, she explains the situation to her daughter, Wendy. Wendy now has been given the task of finding a boy named Peter Pan. The only problem is, how is she going to get to the island? If she can find it, will she make it before something happens to her mother? Last of all, how will she know who Peter is?

This book was very good. It was nice seeing all the old characters come back, and I liked the additions. This book, even though it is out of the trilogy, should be read after all the others to completely understand it.

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