Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Dragon's Tooth - N.D. Wilson

The Dragon’s Tooth’s main character is a twelve year old boy named Cyrus Smith lives with his older brother and sister Daniel Antigone at the old, run down Archer Motel. One day, a mysterious guest named Billy Bones arrives with a friend. For some reason, he requests a certain room which happens to be Cyrus’ room. The man arrives and many strange things happen, but it was not long before someone killed him and badly injured his friend. After an explosion burns the motel down to the ground, Cyrus and Antigone find themselves in the rubble with Daniel nowhere to be found and a friend of Billy Bones telling them that they need to go to a “safe place.” Soon, Cyrus and Antigone find themselves battling evil cooks, undead assassins, and more in a desperate attempt to save their captured brother.

N.D. Wilson has made this book filled with suspense, action, and adventure. It is a little bit confusing at times, though, but it clears up with time. I think that this book was written for tweens and teens, but parents might enjoy it too!

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