Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Reading List

Having trouble finding good books for your teen to read over the summer? Here's a fun reading list that's not all mindless fiction!

Peak -- A story about a teenager who goes on a journey to climb Mount Everest with his father. He has climbed many peaks before, but he is concerned about this climb after hearing about other climber's deaths. Peak is a great adventure book, and readers will have trouble putting it down.

The Heart of a Samurai -- Manjiro, a 14 year-old fisherman's son, grew up in Japan where outsiders are "savage barbarians." Although he believes these tales with all of his heart, when disaster strikes his boss's fishing boat, Manjiro and the crew must take the help of American "savages" who were on a whaling trip. Something doesn't add up, though. Why do these people seem different than what the stories told?

The Homelanders series -- A thrilling mystery series about a teenager who finds himself scrambling for answers as he is pursued by a strange organization that wants him dead. There are four books in the series, and all of them are definite page-turners that boys and girls will enjoy.

I Beat the Odds -- Michael Oher, famous from the movie The Blind Side, writes about what not many people know about -- life before the movie picked up. His story will surely keep the reader's attention. It's an encouraging story that's great for those struggling in bad circumstances.

The Heroes of Olympus series -- Rick Riordan continues the tale of Percy Jackson and brings in some new additions to the gang in these thrilling books. These series contain all the elements that made the Percy Jackson series great, and the series will hold readers' attention for hours. 

90 Miles to Havana -- A fictional story about a young boy named Julian who must be transferred to America when a "revolution" makes life in Cuba dangerous. Life in the Cuban camp in America is hard with bullies making life difficult for others. Julian and his siblings must find a way to survive there until their parents can afford to come to America to take them to a new home. A great page turner.

Ashtown Burials series -- The Smith family owns a run-down motel and lives a simple life. However, when a strange visitor named Billy Bones comes and tells them to go to "a safe place," the Smiths find all kinds of strange events happening to them. Read the review of the first book here, and get a glance at the upcoming second book here.

The Hobbit -- Bilbo Baggins lived an ordinary hobbit's life until a wizard named Gandalf appeared and turned his life upside down. Prepare for the upcoming movie by reading the book!

Through My Eyes -- Tim Tebow, famous football quarterback, writes his life story. Tim Tebow is a great football player and a great person. This book shows readers his life story through his eyes with personal thoughts on his own actions and more. Read the review here.

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