Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Travel Games

Got a long road trip or plane flight planned for the family? Here are some ideas we used that might help you keep your kids occupied.

1) Travel-sized games like Guess Who? or Trouble.

2) Road Trip scavenger hunt, Battleship or other printable games. Bring along a clipboard to make writing easy.

3) Mad Libs, of course.

4) Highlights' Puzzle Buzz or Puzzlemania are packed with fun, colorful activities that my kids have loved. These are good for waiting rooms and rainy days too!

5) The National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas has a spread on each state including a map and fun facts.

6) If you have a tablet, load up on some fun apps! We like Stack the StatesStack the Countries, and  Presidents vs. Aliens because they educate while they entertain. And then there's Survivalcraft that's not quite as educational but does keep the kids busy until the battery runs dead!

7) And don't forget books! Here are some fun books for boys, and here are some fun books for girls. Or, if you need a reading list for boys or girls with a little more substance, try this list.

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